Hybrid Processes

WEHRLE designs the ideal process combination for your task and requirements by combining different processes and technologies to find the most suitable solution and to create new and more efficient processes for your challenges, so-called hybrid processes. To sum up: a central human/machine interface with a universal control concept and intelligent interconnection.

For example: BIOMEMBRAT®plus

By using WEHRLE’s BIOMEMBRAT®plus process, outlet qualities for direct discharge into the nature are obtained – without having to dispose of the concentrates produced in the last treatment stage, a very expensive procedure. For this purpose, the different biological and membrane treatment steps are intelligently connected with the activated carbon, which can thus bear approximately twice or three times the load as with a direct treatment method, saving valuable resources and considerably reducing operating costs.

Your advantages, e.g. BIOMEMBRAT®plus:

  • Highest outlet quality, e.g. for direct discharge into the nature

  • Also suitable for persistent pollutants

  • No concentrate disposal!​


Pre-Sales Services of WEHRLE regarding Wastewater treatment