MBBR - Moving Bed Bioreactor

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors or fluidised bed biologies offer a good price/performance ratio for the treatment of lowly or medium loaded wastewaters in moderate climatic zones. The microbes needed for the elimination processes grow in a biofilm on the moving artificial carriers / suspended bodies.

Those carriers are of particular importance with regard to material, composition and geometry. Depending on the type of wastewater, certain carriers are more suitable than others.

Working together with different suppliers, WEHRLE is able to choose the suitable carriers for the client’s application and to determine the ideal dimensioning of the biology for this purpose. For applications for which the MBBR technology reaches its limits – e.g. due to COD load and flexibility, solids load, space requirements, hardeners in the wastewater – WEHRLE also offers alternative technologies, such as the reliable BIOMEMBRAT® MBR.

Your benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: MBBR run with low energy - helps to reduce the electrical power consumtion.
  • Reliability: MBBR run with a stable performance and with low maintenance requirements.
  • Economics: due to its simple design, reliability and low power consumption, MBBRs are efficient and cost saving.