Generation of additional energetic value from waste treatment

In recent decades the focus in waste management was to dispose of waste as innocuous as possible. Today’s focus lies on the possibility to generate an additional energetic value from waste. WEHRLE Umwelt can assist you in maximising your energy profit.

In many countries, domestic waste is already sorted in the households, for example, according to organic waste, glass and residual waste. This separation and the respective logistics for waste collection and recycling constitute a significant part of the total costs for waste management. Besides, the transport vehicles contribute to the already critical traffic situation on the roads, especially in conurbations. For regions not needing waste separation and organising the transport using the “single stream” method (unsorted domestic waste), the Maximum Yield Technology (MYT®) is a suitable concept.

Moreover, organic streams, e.g. from the industry, the food or personal care production, can be converted into biogas. The reliable BIODIGEST® process treats even loaded waste, e.g. from the pharmaceutical industry, by using an individual pre-treatment stage (BIODIGEST®detox).

Pre-Sales Services of WEHRLE regarding Wastewater treatment