Concept development for wastewater treatment plants

Water Mapping / Feasibility studies / Plant engineering

There are usually several possibilities to find a solution for wastewater treatment. Yet which one is the best, most reliable and most economic method? Does the respective concept take the conditions on site, in the factory or on the wastewater production site into consideration? Have the characteristics of the wastewater to be treated been adequately observed while developing the concept and is the plant dimensioning suitable for anticipated changes with regard to composition and volume without being o ver-dimensioned or unnecessarily expensive?As client, how can I make sure to have made a safe investment? We take these questions into account! If desired, WEHRLE develops a tailor-made treatment concept  together with the client, without fi xing the results beforehand and by taking into consideration the client’s needs. WEHRLE supports the client in Water Mapping, the permit planning and carries out feasibility studies also for the treatment of partial streams. The results gained may later be converted into plant engineering to ensure the necessary flexibility for an ideal adaption to the client’s requirements and a proper dimensioning to avoid unnecessary additional expenses with regard to purchase and