water recycling / Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Water recycling and the reduction of the water footprint are important aspects of modern business management. In order to reduce fresh water costs, the produced wastewater may be treated for reuse, saving also heat and possibly water softening chemicals. Adapting the desired water quality to internal factory processes avoids an unnecessarily high treatment performance: Water-consuming processes are often less demanding, e.g. the pre-treatment of received goods. High process water qualities and an entire water recirculation (Zero Liquid Discharge / ZLD) are certainly also possible.

WEHRLE combines different technologies to achieve the desired process water quality – as stand-alone solution for a direct treatment of the wastewater or as upgrade of an existing wastewater treatment plant.

Example of water recycling:

cost-effective water reuse in different qualities at a laundry facility

water recycling &  Zero Liquid Discharge | WEHRLE

WEHRLE helps you choose the ideal solution in terms of water recycling:

  • Focus on the desired process water quality
  • Focus on minimizing the quantity of residues / concentrates (ZLD - Zero Liquid Discharge)
  • Focus on the cost efficiency of water supply (compared to the costs of fresh water supply)
  • Focus on independence in water supply