Large-scale leachate project in Poland

In spite of delays during the authorization process as well as the late approval of national funds due to Covid-19, WEHRLE has been awarded the contract for the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Poland.

October 2020 – WEHRLE has been chosen to build a leachate treatment plant in Poland. For WEHRLE, an experienced plant constructor and wastewater expert, this is a special plant construction project: to date, it is the largest plant in Poland for the treatment of wastewater, which is currently being built by the family-owned company founded in 1860.

Together with its local partner T4B EKOTECHNOLOGIE based in Warsaw, WEHRLE has already successfully carried out two similar projects in Poland. The Green-Tech company based in the South-West of Germany has once again been able to win a public tender against its competitors due to its proven process technology and the cooperation withT4B.

The landfill in Silesia will be equipped with a leachate treatment plant for the elimination of pollutants according to the proven BIOMEMBRAT®process , a high-performance Membrane Bioreactor particularly designed for the treatment of such complex wastewaters. A downstream membrane stage, smartly synchronized with the main process, makes it possible to meet all stipulated local limit values with maximum discharge of non-critical salts. This is an important condition to ensure a sustainable and cost-optimized landfill and plant operation over decades without incurring the risk of undesirable salt accumulation. The efficient wastewater treatment plant will be completed with a sludge dewatering system to further reduce the waste disposal costs.

The total throughput of the wastewater treatment plant is up to 250 m³/d. The modular design of the leachate treatment plant simplifies future expansions and allows upgrades of the wastewater treatment system in accordance with the existing landfill.

Large-scale leachate treatment project in Poland 

Large-scale leachate treatment project in Poland  - WEHRLE