DIRECT-RO for leachate treatment in Spain

March 2021 – WEHRLE will supply a new DIRECT-RO Reverse Osmosis plant to treat leachate from a landfill in Galicia (Spain).WEHRLE erste DIRECT-RO in Spanien - direkte Umkehrosmose zur Sickerwasserbehandlung

In March 2021, WEHRLE received the order for a containerized Reverse Osmosis plant for the treatment of landfill leachate in Spain. The scope of supply includes a containerized 3-step Reverse Osmosis unit as well as the transport and on-site commissioning of the plant.

The plant is a so-called DIRECT-RO, the new standardized Reverse Osmosis product developed by WEHRLE, the expert for leachate treatment based in Emmendingen in Southern Germany.

DIRECT-RO currently has three standard sizes (S, M or XL), which cover a wide range of flow rates from 40 m³/d to 260 m³/d. The plant to be supplied will be size M, treating up to 150 m³ of leachate per day to achieve the quality for direct discharge into the nature. The three treatment stages will reduce the COD concentration from approximately 20,000 mg/l to 160 mg/l and the NH4-N load by 99.7 %.

The main benefits for the customer are the high treatment performance and user-friendliness of the plant due to state-of-the-art technology as well as the containerized CIP system with external acid storage tank, allowing a quick installation and commissioning of this reliable treatment solution. The modular design is also an ideal condition for future extensions of the wastewater treatment system, like for example an upgrade to a WEHRLE BIOMEMBRAT® Membrane Bioreactor.

Commissioning of the plant is planned after a very short delivery period of only four months. After commissioning, the plant will be operated by the customer, a Galician waste management company.